November 2017
Mon 20th

The narrow spectrum of Hyperfluorescence enables better efficiencies than both TADF and PHOLEDs

The first-generation OLED emitter systems, based on fluorescence, lack efficiency as only about 25% of the energy is converted into light. More advanced systems, based on phosphorescence (PHOLED), TADF and our own HyperFluorescence (HF) technology all manage to convert almost 100% of the energy into light, and so it is mistakenly perceived that such systems […]

September 2017
Mon 18th

Meet Tim Hirzel, Senior Researcher at Kyulux’s Boston office

Kyulux is very proud of its HF TADF technology, that will enable efficient, cost-effective and durable OLEDs. Our greatest asset, however, is our employees, because a company is only as good as the people it’s made up of. From time to time, this blog will give the stage to the bright and competent people who […]

Fri 08th

Kyulux to exhibit and participate at CEATEC Japan 2017 next month

Next month Makuhari Messe outside of Tokyo will host Japan’s largest electronic exhibition and conference, CEATEC 2017. We will exhibit our Hyperfluorescence displays (and will include Wisechip’s HF PMOLED demonstration at our booth) during the event, and our CTO, Mr. Junji Adachi will give a presentation titled “Kyulux – Materializing the future of OLEDs with […]

August 2017
Wed 23rd

Wisechip’s Hyperfluorescence presentation at the TADF Workshop

In July 2017, Wisechip and Kyulux announced a collaboration to bring Hyperfluorescence-based PMOLED displays to the market – the first such commercial display ever. Kyulux’s HF materials enabled wisechip to increase the display’s efficiency by 50% – meaning that the next generation PMOLED displays will draw half the power of current generation ones. Wisechip demonstrated […]

Tue 15th

Impressions from the 2017 TADF Workshop

Towards the end of July, the city of Fukuoka, where Kyushu University is located, hosted the 2nd international TADF Workshop. It was an excellent conference – with a larger turnout than expected – which we were proud to sponsor. The event was a great combination of industrial lectures (from BOE, JDI, Dow Chemical, Kyulux and […]

Tue 08th

Video shows Wisechip’s Hyperfluoresence PMOLED demonstration

During the 2nd international TADF Workshop, Wisechip demonstrated the world’s first Hyperfluoresence based OLED display, a yellow monochrome PMOLED that draws half the power compared to Wisechip’s current fluorescence PMOLED displays. The demonstrated display was a 0.96″ 128×64 monochrome (yellow) PMOLED. The EQE of the HF model is 14.5% compared to only 7.1% in the […]

July 2017
Mon 31st

Is Hyperfluorescence ready for AMOLED adoption?

Two weeks ago we announced a collaboration with WiseChip Semiconductor to use Hyperfluorescence emitters in WiseChip’s PMOLED displays. In early July, Wisechip demonstrated a working yellow monochrome prototype – with commercial production expected by the end of 2017 for both yellow and green displays. Hyperfluorescence emitters enabled WiseChip to boost the efficiency by around 50% […]

Wed 19th

Kyulux and WiseChip Collaborating to Commercialize TADF and Hyperfluorescence OLED Product

Kyulux, Inc., a world leader in next generation organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, and WiseChip, a leading manufacturer of organic light emitting diode (OLED) products, today announced that the two companies plan to release a commercial product utilizing 4th generation HyperfluorescenceTM OLED light emission technology. This will be the first commercial product using this new generation […]

Fri 14th

Join us next week at the TADF workshop in Kyushu University

The 2nd International TADF Workshop will take place on July 19-21 in Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. The workshop is supported by Kyulux and aims to share the recent advances and future direction of TADF science and technologies. While the event will be focused on academia oriented lectures, it will also include talks from industry leaders […]

June 2017
Tue 27th

Kyulux to hold career days across Asia!

Kyulux, the leading developer of next-generation materials for OLED displays and lighting, will take part in career days located in several universities across south-east Asia, to recruit chemists and device scientists (Master or above) to join its operation. Kyulux is currently offering job opportunities in Fukuoka, Japan and Boston, USA. Japanese skill is not required! Kyulux […]