Impressions from the 2017 TADF Workshop

Towards the end of July, the city of Fukuoka, where Kyushu University is located, hosted the 2nd international TADF Workshop. It was an excellent conference – with a larger turnout than expected – which we were proud to sponsor.
The event was a great combination of industrial lectures (from BOE, JDI, Dow Chemical, Kyulux and Wisechip) and in-depth academic and technical presentations from all over the world. It is clear that TADF emitters are exciting researchers and developers as these new materials are now set to enter the market in actual OLED displays. The event also hosted a nice exhibition, focusing on manufacturing equipment. It was great to see JOLED’s beautiful printed 4K OLED monitor, Epson’s OLED-based AR glasses and of course Wisechip and Kyulux’s HF PMOLED demonstration.