Kyulux reports rapid progress in emitter performance, is on track for commercial adoption in 2023

Kyulux reported its latest material performance at SID Display week 2022.

As you can see in the table above, Kyulux managed to increase the performance of its Hyperfluorescene™ green material dramatically to 59,000 hours (top emission), with amazingly high current efficiency of 224 cd/A. The red and green materials have already satisfied the BT.2020 color gamut standard.

Kyulux is now working with customers to optimize their device structure for its green Hyperfluorescence™ system. Pilot tests should begin in the next quarter, with mass production for smartphone applications slated for the second half of 2023. The red material system follows closely behind the green one, and is on track to begin mass production in 2024, also for smartphone applications.

Kyulux’s blue Hyperfluorescence™ is advancing rapidly as well. Kyulux succeeded in achieving a lifetime of 450 hours (LT95 @ 1000nit)  from 280 hours released in 2021. Kyulux plans to achieve a CIEy smaller than 0.05 (which will enable full support for BT.2020) and expects its material to achieve commercial-ready performance by the end of 2022, and be commercialized in 2024.

Kyulux’s 4th-Gen Hyperfluorescence™ materials offer excellent performance both in terms of efficiency and emission spectrum, and do not contain any heavy metals, and the company believes that the industry will adopt its materials over currently-used phosphorescent/fluorescent materials in the next few years. Kyulux has established production and quality-assurance management scheme, together with its outsourcing partners as it gets ready for mass production of its material.