Kyulux’s Noriko Ikeada to speak at Japan’s Anti-monopoly Law Symposium

Noriko Ikeada, Legal department manager at Kyulux will give a lecture at the “Japanese Anti-Monopoly Law and Start-up Company” symposium held by the “Institute for Law and Politics of Kyushu University” on June 23rd at JR Hakata City (10th Floor, Conference room C, D) at 1:30-4:30 PM.

In addition to Kyulux’s presence at this symposium, other professionals will attend – including five speakers from the Japan Fair Trade Commission, Lawyer/Associate Professor of Anti-monopoly, Anti-monopoly Lawyer and Associate Professor of Academic-Industrial Collaboration.

Ms. Ikeda will introduce Kyulux as a “Kyushu university-originated start-up company”, and explain how Kyulux navigates challenging situations that occur while collaborating with large companies.