Kyulux is very proud of its HF TADF technology, that will enable efficient, cost-effective and durable OLEDs. Our greatest asset, however, is our employees, because a company is only as good as the people it’s made up of.

From time to time, this blog will give the stage to the bright and competent people who make Kyulux what it is. Meet Dr. Takahito Oyamada, the new senior manager of the R&D department. Dr. Oyamada joined Kyulux this April at the Fukuoka office.

Dr. Oyamada, as a newly joined team member at Kyulux, what is your first impression of the company?

After concluding a 20 year period at Pioneer, where I have been engaged in research and development of device design, I can say that it is refreshing to start this new role at Kyulux and I am highly motivated. Before starting at Kyulux, I was impressed by the company’s OLED technology and its roots in Kyushu University, but when I actually got here, I was even more impressed by the people of the company – an extremely competent, creative and driven team. The members are multinational and use not only English but also the Chinese, Korean, and Cantonese languages, and it is fun every day while I make my way through the challenges of learning a new field.

The research and development group I oversee is mainly divided into the synthesis and device teams, but each has excellent managers and team leaders, and teamwork is outstanding. In particular, I can speak to the synthesis area, which I have not dealt with since college. Discussions and exchange of ideas with researchers, such as molecular design and the development of synthetic ways, are very refreshing and inspiring.

Where are you from, and what do you think is the best local food in your hometown?

I was born in Hokkaido, Sapporo City, the very north of Japan, which is famous for lamb Meat. While not my hometown, I can say that Yamagata prefecture is my second hometown. The Japanese Beef, called “Yonezawa Beef” in Yamagata is the best ever. With Japanese sake (Shochu) it is delicious beyond description!

I have also heard that Fukuoka is the “food prefecture”. I am looking forward to its delicious food from now on!

What do you do in your free time?

Most of my free time is spent with my family. I have lived in Hokkaido, Saitama, Tokyo, Yamagata, and now in Fukuoka. I have been traveling and enjoying the local food with my family. We are all looking forward to experiencing Fukuoka! In addition, in my free time I like to create things. I do DIY, create fishing parts, and convert my motorcycle parts…. But now TADF is a new hobby of mine!

What was your most memorable travel destination?

Before I came to Fukuoka, I traveled to “The Blue Cave” in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture with my family. The view was all mystic blue as named, and we used a small ship to get there. It was an impressive view and I felt like in a dream. Sekimon-Kaikyo (strait) from Yonezawa to Kyushu was awesome as well. The views gave me energy to properly launch my new start in Fukuoka.

What would be your ideal gift to get from Kyulux?

The best reward for me would be an OLED TV made with Kyulux’s TADF/HF materials. I am sure my children will be proud of me when I tell them I was involved with OLED material development!

What was the most exciting moment of your career?

I’m always excited when things I develop reach the market. I hope that all OLED devices around the world will adopt Kyulux’s materials – and soon – and this will be very exciting!