Meet Mr. Shinya Otsu, Kyulux’s new device development group manager

Kyulux is very proud of its HF TADF technology that will enable efficient, cost-effective and durable OLEDs. But Kyulux is even prouder of its excellent employees and teamwork.

From time to time, this blog gives the stage to the bright and competent people who make Kyulux what it is. Meet Mr. Shinya Otsu, the new manager of the device development group of Kyulux’s R&D department. Mr. Otsu joined Kyulux this April at the Fukuoka office. Let’s get to know the name behind the title.

Hello Mr. Otsu, welcome to Kyulux. Please tell us your first impression of the company
I knew about Kyulux well before joining this company, it is a well-known Japanese venture company, and is considered to be a lively and cutting edge company.

After having started to work at Kyulux, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of distance within the company – employees are always smiling and everyone is friendly and modest, and it is possible to communicate with all departments and management within the company. This kind of environment can only be found in successful startups!

I would like to comment I am expecting to benefit from the strong leadership of R&D senior manager Dr. Oyamada, who leads the R&D department and supports my career at Kyulux.

What do you conceive to be your main strengths that could most contribute to Kyulux?
In my previous job, my boss always commented that my biggest strength is my inspiration for other employees, my frequent serendipity and my creative thinking. As a manager, I try to be mild manner and pleasant and to help my fellow employees to bring out their best and to develop their skills and abilities.

Can you tell us about your hometown, any recommendations for visitors?
I was born in Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Mishima City is located at the base of the Izu Peninsula at the southern foot of Mt. Fuji and the western foot of Hakone. Mishima is very famous for its underground water. Water from Mt. Fuji springs up everywhere and flows through the city. Since I grew up with wonderful natural mineral water, I got used to the high quality of the water, whenever I’m away from home, I miss of the taste of the Mishima water.

In addition, Mishima City is home to the famous Mishima Shrine, also called “Mishima Taisha”, the place is crowded with many tourists every year. The most exciting summer event in Mishima is the summer festival “Mishima Shagiri Tournament” – with its floats and flutes and drums performances.

The best local food is Mishima croquette (see the picture below). The local character of Mishima-city is “Mishimaru-kun” and “Mishimaruko-chan”. They became famous with Japanese drama “Gomenne Seishun”. The Mishima croquette was sold by major Japanese convenience chain all over the country.


What do you usually do on your holidays?
Since I live near the sea, I enjoy jogging and playing with my children on the beach. It is difficult to have my own free time because I have a small child now, but I would like to enjoy playing golf and tennis when time permits.

Please tell us the tensest moment you have ever experienced in your career?
In my previous profession, I received a chemistry prize from a certain chemistry association. At the conference, I had to give a presentation in front of about 50 university professors. When I entered the conference room, I was so nervous as the eyes of all 50 people were focused on me. I remember this moment as an extremely tense moment ?

If Kyulux ever chooses to give you a reward, what would it be?
I want a house near the sea.
Can I have it?

What is the best moment of your life?
It might be a banal answer, but I think that the moments I treasure most are the ones in which I find meaning in life. In my personal life, that was the moment my children were born. In my professional life, it would be the moment of commercialization of Hyperfluorescence ™.

What do you most regret not doing in your life?
When I left my previous job, I regret that I could not say thank you to everyone who had taken care of me due to coronavirus pandemic. I would like to thank them if I could have the opportunity to meet them again in the future.

Finally, what do you envision to be the future of OLEDs?
I have been engaged in the OLED industry for over 18 years. I have been involved with a blue emission OLED technology for many years, and it is close to my heart.

I am looking forward to the commercialization of Kyulux’s Hyperfluorescence™ blue emitter – and I am confident that Kyulux’s technology will change the OLED industry and the world. It will be great to share this moment with all my new colleagues and friends in the company.

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