Kyulux has established a world-class team of management, scientists and engineers. We are always open to hearing from talented individuals who are looking to contribute to R&D and engineering innovation in the OLED industry.

Open positions, updated April 2021

Software Engineer (Boston, MA, US)

Application Closed

Sales Engineer

Kyulux is looking for a sales engineer, to communicate and negotiate with customers, explain our technology and supply technical support for OLED devices and device stacks. This job requires fluency in Chinese – and either good Japanese or English.

Location: Kyulux Fukuoka

Scientist – Synthesis

Kyulux is seeking a talented synthesis scientist to design, synthesize and test new materials for OLED TADF/HF commercialization. The role involves R&D on TADF emitter and host materials, synthesis and reactive design of OLED materials, analysis of organic compounds and assistance with the construction of our patent portfolio. More information (Japanese version).

Location: Kyulux Fukuoka

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