the Future
of OLEDs

the Future
of OLEDs

the Future
of OLEDs

Who we are

Kyulux was established in Japan in 2015 to develop next generation materials for OLED displays and lighting. Based on exclusively-licensed technology from Kyushu University, Kyulux develops hyperfluorescence TADF emitters that will enable cost-effective, durable and efficient OLEDs that do not rely on rare metals.

The OLED market

OLED is quickly becoming the display technology of choice for the leading smartphones, tablets and TV makers, as it offers brilliant and efficient flexible displays with the best image quality ever. The OLED market is currently evaluated at around 15 billion dollars and is set to grow rapidly in coming years.


(Their advantages)

  • Energy efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • High contrast (True Blacks)
  • Fast response time
  • Self-emissive display


(next gen OLED emitters)

  • High Efficiency
  • Narrow Spectrum
  • High Intensity
  • Metal Free
  • Low Cost

Recent news

Kyulux concludes a successful SID DisplayWeek

The premier display industry event, SID DisplayWeek, is now over - and it was a great week. Kyulux had a successful booth demonstration, with a lot of interest from display companies as HF/TADF emitter technology is maturing and is ready to be commercialized. During...

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