02.19.2021: Kyulux raises $34.3 million in Series B-prime funding round
02.19.2021: Acceleration of practical application by transfer of basic patent of the ultimate OLED light emission technology Hyperfluorescence ™
02.01.2021: Kyulux appoints Mr. Nobuyuki Nakano as its new president and CEO
11.4.2020: JST features Kyulux’s Kyumatic AI system in science publication
10.14.2020: Notice of Signing of Joint Development Agreement with Nippon Soda Co., Ltd, Regarding New Next-Generation OLED Compound
04.27.2020: Kyulux commences shipment of TADF / HyperfluorescenceTM OLED materials
10.21.2019: Kyulux acquired ISO9001 certification
10.17.2019: Wisechip launches the world’s first HyperfluorescenceTM OLED display- a 2.7-inch yellow PMOLED
07.29.2019: Kyulux wins the Japan Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry JST Academic Startups Award
05.27.2019: Kyulux completes its Series B funding round and raises $31.8 million
08.30.2018: Kyulux chosen by Samsung Display and LG Display as Blue TADF and HyperfluorescenceTM developer

07.18.2018: Kyulux dramatically improves the performance of its blue HyperfluorescenceTM OLED emitters
05.30.2018: Kyulux and Wisechip unveiled a flexible HF PMOLED display

02.13.2018: Kyulux announces management changes
07.18.2017: Kyulux and WiseChip Collaborating to Commercialize TADF and HyperfluorescenceTM OLED Product
06.08.2017: Kyulux Announces Addition of Dr. Chris Brown to Management Team as VP of Products
05.22.2017: Nanoco and Kyulux Inc. Sign Agreement to Develop Next Generation Displays (Japanese version)
05.18.2017: Kyulux launches a new web site
09.21.2016: Kyulux to be elected 2016 Top 100 Asia Winners (Red Herring Global Top 100)
08.15.2016: Kyulux Announces License of Harvard Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Platform for OLED Development and Hiring of OLED Research Team
07.15.2016: Kyulux Co-founder, Prof. Chihaya Adachi at Kyushu-University, awarded the 4th Research Front Award.
04.06.2016: Kyulux, Inc. Announces $13.5 Million Dollar Series A Financing and Acquisition of Large OLED Patent Portfolio from Kyushu University
02.25.2016: Kyulux raises 1.5B Yen from third party investment
04.01.2015: Kyulux started its business
03.09.2015: Kyulux is founded