10.21.2019: Kyulux acquired ISO9001 certification

10.17.2019: Wisechip launches the world’s first Hyperfluorescence OLED display- a 2.7-inch yellow PMOLED

07.29.2019: Kyulux wins the Japan Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry JST Academic Startups Award

05.27.2019: Kyulux completes its Series B funding round and raises $31.8 million

08.30.2018: Kyulux chosen by Samsung Display and LG Display as Blue TADF and Hyperfluorescence™ developer

07.18.2018Kyulux dramatically improves the performance of its blue Hyperfluorescence OLED emitters

05.30.2018: Kyulux and Wisechip unveiled a flexible HF PMOLED display

02.13.2018: Kyulux announces management changes

09.08.2017Kyulux to exhibit and participate at CEATEC Japan 2017

07.18.2017Kyulux and WiseChip Collaborating to Commercialize TADF and Hyperfluorescence OLED Product

06.08.2017Kyulux Announces Addition of Dr. Chris Brown to Management Team as VP of Products

05.29.2017: Kyulux sponsors the 2nd International TADF Workshop in Kyushu, Japan

05.22.2017: Nanoco and Kyulux Inc. Sign Agreement to Develop Next Generation Displays (Japanese version)

05.18.2017: Kyulux launches a new web site

09.21.2016Kyulux to be elected 2016 Top 100 Asia Winners (Red Herring Global Top 100)

09.06.2016Kyulux appeared in The Nikkei Japanese newspaper (article is available only in Japanese)

08.15.2016: Kyulux Announces License of Harvard Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Platform for OLED Development and Hiring of OLED Research Team

07.15.2016Kyulux Co-founder, Prof. Chihaya Adachi at Kyushu-University, awarded the 4th Research Front Award.

04.06.2016: Kyulux, Inc. Announces $13.5 Million Dollar Series A Financing and Acquisition of Large OLED Patent Portfolio from Kyushu University

02.25.2016: Kyulux raises 1.5B Yen from third party investment

04.01.2015: Kyulux started its business

03.09.2015: Kyulux is founded