Acceleration of practical application by transfer of basic patent of the ultimate OLED light emission technology Hyperfluorescence™

Fukuoka, Japan, February 19, 2021- Kyulux, Inc., (Headquarters: Fukuoka, Japan) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to the basic patent assignment of the next-generation OLED technology Hyperfluorescence™ from Kyushu University.

Hyperfluorescence™, developed by the research group of Prof. Chihaya Adachi at Kyushu University, co-founder of Kyulux, is the ultimate OLED technology that realizes highly efficient and high color purity light emission for smartphones and large OLED TVs, without the use of rare metals. The technology is attracting growing attention from the display industry as it can contribute to higher performance and lower cost.

Kyulux acquired the exclusive license of this technology from Kyushu University in 2015, and received it via transfer of the patent for the material developed at Kyushu University in 2016 and has been working on its practical application since. As a result, Kyulux succeeded in commercializing the world’s first Hyperfluorescence™ display in collaboration with a Taiwanese company in 2019. In addition, additional products are under development in collaboration with multiple display panel makers.

By receiving the assignment of the basic patent of Hyperfluorescence™, it is expected that commercialization will be accelerated, and that the competitive advantage of the company will grow and increase the corporate value.

Kyushu University has been extending continuous support to Kyulux, from its establishment and through its growth phase, on its way to commercialize Hyperfluorescence™, a promising technology that resulted from a government project. Kyushu University transferred the patents to Kyulux and became a shareholder, marking another step in a successful long term collaboration that also includes joint research projects on various cutting edge and fundamental science and technologies. Kyushu University and Kyulux’s collaboration can be seen as a role model of a university-startup alliance, focused on advanced materials development.

About Kyulux
Kyulux, established in 2015 in Japan, develops next generation OLED emitter systems. Based on exclusively-licensed technology from Kyushu University and Harvard University, Kyulux develops and markets TADF/Hyperfluorescence™ emitters that enable cost-effective, durable and efficient OLEDs that do not rely on rare metals.

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