June 2022
Fri 03

Kyulux reports rapid progress in emitter performance, is on track for commercial adoption in 2023

Kyulux reported its latest material performance at SID Displayweek 2022 As you can see in the table above, Kyulux managed to increase the performance of its Hyperfluorescene™ green material dramatically to 59,000 hours (top emission), with amazingly high current efficiency of 224 cd/A. The red and green materials have already satisfied the BT.2020 color gamut […]

May 2022
Mon 02

Hyperfluorescence™ – the most efficient OLED emission technology

Hyperfluorescence™ is an OLED emitting mechanism that combines two different emitter materials – TADF and first-gen fluorescence. Hyperfluorescence™ is the 4th-generation OLED emitter technology – as it combines several attractive properties: high-efficiency, long lifetime, low material cost and a narrow emission spectrum. HF emitters are also free of any rare metals.

April 2022
Wed 27

Kyulux to participate in the SID Display Week 2022 event

Kyulux is excited to announce that it will be taking part in SID’s Display Week 2022 event! This prominent industry event will be held on-site (after two years of a virtual-only event) at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, May 8-13, 2022. Kyulux invites all display professionals to listen to the fascinating virtual lecture at […]

March 2022
Thu 03

Kyulux to participate in FGN’s CALLING startup conference

On March 17, the Fukuoka Growth Now (FGN) organization, together with the Fukuoka Startup Consortium and Mizuho Bank, will host the 3rd CALLING startup conference. This event will bring together startup companies from Fukuoka and new entrepreneurs with an aim to educate and network to help companies to collaborate and to grow new companies. Kyulux […]

January 2022
Tue 18

Kyulux’s CSO interviewed at Nippon Keizai Shinbun

On January 18th, Kyulux’s CSO Junji Adachi was featured in the Japanese news paper, Nippon Keizai Shinbun, a leading newspaper in Japan. Nippon Keizai discusses Mr. Adachi’s business experiences, Kyulux’s successful financing round and the commercialization of Kyulux’s Hyperfluorescence™ technology.

Fri 07

Kyulux held a Kick-off meeting 2022

On January 5, 2022, Kyulux held a New Year kick-off meeting. Kyulux’s CEO, Nobuyuki Nakano, sends a message of gratitude to all Kyulux employees in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Boston, US who are working hard to develop next-generation TADF / Hyperfluorescence™ technologies, manage the business and help bring Kyulux’s OLED materials to practical use in order […]

Tue 04

Happy new 2022 from Kyulux!

Kyulux would like to wish all of its employees, partners, investors and customers a happy new year. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the continued support and we hope that 2022 will be a safe, wonderful and productive year.

December 2021
Wed 22

Kyulux wishes you a happy holiday period, and a happy new year!

As 2021 is coming to a close, we would like to extend happy holidays greetings to all our employees, investors, partners and customers. Thank you also for all your support and companionship. It is also time to wish for a happy new year. It has been a challenging year all over the world, and we […]

August 2021
Fri 06

Kyulux to take part in the OLEDs World Summit 2021 conference

Kyulux will once again participate in the OLED World Summit 2021 event. Kyulux’s president and CEO since February, Mr. Nobuyuki Nakano, will give a lecture at this event,  which is the world’s longest running OLED international conference dedicated to the OLED display and lighting industries. Prominent experts, entrepreneurs, managers, and analysts from all over the […]

July 2021
Tue 13

Kyulux receives the 14th Achievement Award at Japan OLED Forum

The 32 Meeting of the Japan OLED Forum was held online on July 1-2, 2021. Kyulux received an award for having great impact on the display industry, thanks to achievements like the practical application of TADF / Hyperfluorescence™ emission technology and the development of high efficiency, high color purity, and long-lifetime materials realized without relying […]