Kyulux's PR, media coverage and logo guidelines requests

Purpose of this guideline

This guideline indicates the rules regarding the use of the corporate logo of Kyulux, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”). By using the logo, it shall be deemed that you agree to the guideline. The company may revise the guideline without notice.

Attribution of rights

All rights related to the logo (including copyright and trademark rights) belong to the Company. If the company determines that there is a violation of the guideline, you must stop using the logo and the company will the prohibit the use of the logo.

Terms of use

The purpose of using the logo is limited to introducing the company or its products and technologies provided by the company.

When using the logo, you shall comply with all the rules described in the guideline and submit the “Request form for Kyulux images, logo and photos”.

If you wish to use the logo for secondary purposes such as quoting, reprinting, or copying, you must submit the Request form for Kyulux images ,logo and photos” again.
Logos and image data cannot be provided to third parties.

Please download and complete the “Request form for Kyulux images, logo and photos” using the link below and send the completed from to Kyulux for approval.

Request form for Kyulux images, logo and photos

Please see this PDF for our guideline at Kyulux Logo_ Guideline


For other inquiries regarding the use of logos and images, or this guideline, please use our contact form below.

For Medias, please use this format to send an interview request using the inquiry form.


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