Aiko Goto
Material Development Group, R&D Department
Breaking through the 99.9% material purity barrier

We are synthesizing new TADF materials and host materials. An OLED material is originally a colorless solution. We are testing the material, using a process that relies on column chromatography on purified materials. The materials are then handed over to the device team. Immediately after joining the company, I was surprised at the speed of material synthesis by my colleagues. Here, it is normal fora team member to be in charge of an average of 2 to 3 types of compounds. Some of these materials, have to be prepared with a purity of 99.9%. When I first joined the company, I had a hard time overcoming this”purity barrier”but our OLED material synthesis demands such high purities, and I am proud to be a part of the team that achieves such impressive results.

Emphasis on stability and reproducibility 

keeping the same “taste” in all serving

Sometimes researchers can freely mix materials and choose their preferred synthesis method. But at Kyulux, where our materials are aimed towards commercial OLED panels, one has to adhere to company policy and material standards. Once the materials are ready, they are handed over to the device team, and then sometimes there can be a back-and-forth collaboration until the materials are ready to be used by the device team. Sometimes even the purest materials do not perform well in a device structure, and are thus discarded. Even slight changes in the synthesis method or the material composition may change its performance and function in the device, and thus high reproducibility is a must.

It is like being used to cook one serving, only for yourself, and then being asked to prepare servings of the same meal, with exactly the same taste for 20 people. We are required to maintain a stable process and reproducible results, without any changes at all.

A supportive atmosphere helps me be a better employee

In Kyulux, there is a kind and supportive work atmosphere. Materials science poses many challenges, and no matter how the good the process is, there are always problems to solve. This sometimes can be frustrating, but thankfully, my colleagues are always there to support and offer advice. We are all extremely busy, but still find the time to help each other and offer assistance.

Small startup companies have to work quickly, and provide the best results, and our team spirit helps us all move forward in the best way.

At Kyulux, the company has an enabling environment, that means that an employee can talk to anyone in the company, regardless of hierarchy or title. You can always reach even the higher management and receive answers to your questions. Even mistakes are accepted as long as you learn from them and correct what needs to be corrected and so solutions are quickly found.

All this makes me feel like part of something bigger, that works together to get the best results, and I am highly motivated to succeed.

Confidence that is the material made in Japan

After all, our aim is to bring our materials to the market as OLED materials for TVs and smartphones. Many companies in the world have entered the OLED market and are developing new technologies every day, but I hope we can create the best materials that are said to be made in Japan.

My work can sometimes be challenging, but I always get great support from my family. When the children were young, keeping a good work-life balance was difficult. But the kids have grown up, and seeing them go out in the world and being independent, this gives me inspiration to achieve my goals.