A special Workshop will be held in Fukuoka, Japan, to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of TADF

Almost a decade has passed since the first demonstration of thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) in an OLED at Kyushu University in 2009, and these past ten years have seen rapid and remarkable advances in this scientific field.
To mark the 10-year anniversary of TADF, we are delighted to announce the organization of the 4th International TADF Workshop in Fukuoka, in collaboration with Opera and i3-Opera, to share the latest advances and future direction of TADF science and technologies. The workshop will cover a diverse range of topics in the areas of TADF and excitonic materials, physics, and devices.
We are also excited to announce the second i3-opera Forum, a companion event aimed at industry researchers and focusing on the next generation of display technologies. We expect that the synergy of frontier science and applied research will evolve the forum into a business incubation hub.
With all of the incredible working being done in this hot area, we can assure you that this truly will be a thermally activated summer in Fukuoka!
All participants who plan to attend the 4th International TADF Workshop and the second i3-opera Forum, including presenters/authors of short presentation & poster contribution, are required to register.
For questions regarding registration, please contact: wg-tagf@opera.kyushu-u.ac.jp