June 2019
Tue 11

Kyulux to participate in The 28th Meeting of the Japan OLED Forum

The 28th Japan OLED Forum will be held at Odaiba, Tokyo International Exchange Plaza Heisei, 3rd floor of the “International Conference Hall” on Thursday – Friday, June 13-14, 2019. Kyulux will exhibit TADF / Hyperfluorescence™ panels at its corporate booths. We look forward to seeing you there! During the event, Kyulux’s CEO, Junji Adachi, will […]

Mon 03

Kyulux to be featured in the 2019 Japan-US Innovation Showcase

The Japan-U.S. Innovation Awards Program announced five Japanese startup companies to be featured in the 2019 Innovation Showcase (now in its ninth year) that will take place on July 26th at Stanford University. The Innovation Showcase recognizes young and rapidly growing companies that develop exciting technologies and have the potential for major worldwide impact. Kyulux […]

May 2019
Sat 25

Kyulux concludes a successful SID DisplayWeek 2019

The premier display industry event, SID DisplayWeek, took place last week in San Jose, California. As in previous years, Kyulux had a booth which drew many visitors. Visitors were impressed with Kyulux’s blue material development and the potential for mass production readiness soon. At our booth, we exhibited our Hyperfluorescence™ technology and will also showed […]

Sat 18

LG Display acknowledges Kyulux dramatic improvement of its TADF materials

On May 15th, during SID DisplayWeek, LG Display presented a new device that uses Kyulux’ TADF materials at Session 33 (OLED Materials 2) in a paper titled “TADF Based OLED Devices”. LG Display noted the dramatic improvement in the TADF materials developed by Kyulux and has high hopes that Kyulux will progress towards commercialization in […]

Sat 11

Kyulux to unveil its latest development progress next week

On May 13, during the SID DisplayWeek Business Conference, and Investors Conference at May 14, CEO Junji Adachi will announce the company’s latest development report. Junji Adachi says that “The lifetime of our latest Hyperfluorescence™ device has been greatly improved – for all colors. We are steadily progressing towards commercially viable materials for OLED display […]

April 2019
Fri 26

Kyulux to participate at SID DisplayWeek 2019

SID’s Display Week 2019, the premier display conference, will take place on May 12-17 at the San Jose Convention Center, CA. Like every year, Kyulux will demonstrate a strong presence at this important industry event. First of all we will have a booth (No 1339), so make sure you stop by. Kyulux will exhibit its […]

Mon 08

Kyulux updates on the lifetime of its new TADF device at OLED Korea 2019

On March 6th, Kyulux’s CEO Junji Adachi gave a talk at the OLED Korea 2019 conference, in Seoul. Junji discussed Kyulux’s latest Hyperfluorescence™ performance, especially new TADF Device for 470 nm blue Hyperfluorescence™ that achieves 100 hours of lifetime (LT95 at 750 nits) and an EQE of 22% (at 1000 nits). Junji also demonstrated a […]

March 2019
Sun 10

Kyulux’s OLED technology featured in the OPERA exhibition @ MEXT

On February 15th, Kyushu University opened a PR event that will be running until March 25th, introducing its new “Ito Campus” that was completed in September 2018. The PR event is being held at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), 2nd Floor Entrance, Tokyo. In this event, Kyulux displays the prototype […]

January 2019
Thu 24

Kyulux to attend the nano tech 2019 event in Japan

Nano tech 2019 is an international conference and exhibition focused on nanotechnology, taking place in Tokyo, Japan on January 30th – February 1st. Kyulux will be exhibiting in a booth called “Organization for Promotion Academic City by Kyushu University” together with OPERA, ISIT, AiRIMaQ, OPACK and i3-OPERA. The booth will be located in East 5, […]