Kyulux chosen for METI's Start-up Support Program J-Startup in Japan

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has launched a new initiative called the “J-Startup” program, announced on June 11, 2018, aiming to incubate internationally competitive startup companies and encourage them to provide new value to the rest of the world through their innovative technologies and business models. As part of this program, METI will select promising startups and the public and private sectors will unite their efforts to provide them with intensive support measures, including those for their business development overseas.

In 2018, around 10,000 startups were reviewed for this program, and only 92 were selected to participate. Kyulux was among the chosen startups, further defining it as the one of the growing startups in Japan.

【世界で戦い勝てる企業を 世界に新しい革新を~Kyuluxが*J-Startupに選出されました】

J-Startupは 経済産業省がリードするスタートアップ支援プログラムで 経済産業省の新しい取り組みとして2018年6月に発表されました。
​に​、Kyuluxは日本のスタートアップ約10,000社の中から選ばれた92社のうちの1社として​​​​”J-startup​企業”​ に認定されました。