Kyulux receives the "Intellectual Property Achievement Award"

On April 18, Kyulux received the “Intellectual Property Achievement Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry” as an excellent company that utilizes the intellectual property rights system from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Patent Office.


Kyulux’s President, Mr. Nobuyuki Nakano, commented: We are truly honored to receive the “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Commendation Award of the Intellectual Property Achievement Award”. We are working on the development of next-generation light-emitting materials for OLED displays and lighting, centered on Hyperfluorescence™, the ultimate light-emitting technology that does not rely on rare metals, invented at Kyushu University.

As a game changer that changes the future of the OLED industry, we will continue to create the future of OLED technology based on innovative Kyulux‘smaterials.

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