Kyulux to take part in the OLEDs World Summit 2021 conference

Kyulux will once again participate in the OLED World Summit 2021 event. Kyulux’s president and CEO since February, Mr. Nobuyuki Nakano, will give a lecture at this event,  which is the world’s longest running OLED international conference dedicated to the OLED display and lighting industries. Prominent experts, entrepreneurs, managers, and analysts from all over the world, including experts on OLED materials, devices,  applications and business, will all gather in this conference to learn the latest news of the field. The OLEDs Summit is known as a meeting ground for OLED professionals to exchange opinions and information on the latest OLED market trends and future display innovation. Kyulux is honored to be featured as one of the key speakers in this event, along with industry leaders like Boeing, Intel, Merck and more.