During SID Display Week, Kyulux revealed updates on its latest performance, as can be seen in the chart below. Kyulux’s red and green materials are now close to commercialization with lifetimes of over 37,000 hours (LT95), and 20,000 hours (LT95) respectively. Also the blue TADF has shown excellent progress with a lifetime of 280 hours (LT95) for a bottom emission. Kyulux also released information on simulations that showed how a Hyperfluorescence™ (HF) system is more efficient than a phosphorescence emitter system. Hyperfluorescence™ (HF) emits a very narrow spectrum. Its full width half maximum (FWHM) is 34nm in green-HF in a bottom emission (BE) device. In a top emission (TE) device, this narrow spectrum of HF enables higher efficiency and light intensity than a phosphorescence emitter system. HF system will feature an EQE improvement of around 10% over a phosphorescence one, while the peak EL intensity is over 60% higher. These results showed that HF would be the optimum emitting technology for smartphone which adopted a TE device structure.