“Pitch to the Minister”/ “HIRAI Pitch” is a government project led by Takuya HIRAI, Minister of State for the “Cool Japan” Strategy, the Intellectual Property Strategy, the Science and Technology and the Space Policy. The event was held on Saturday, November 10th in Fukuoka at Fukuoka Growth Next-Startup Cafe, and included Fukuoka startups, like Venturer from Kyushu-University (Kyulux), Enthusiastic Entrepreneur, and more.

The representatives introduced and discussed current efforts and issues, future developments etc. as well as requests from the government, and exchange of opinions with Mr. Hirai. Kyulux CEO, Junji Adachi participated in this event, and took part in a productive discussion of venture support for the future of Fukuoka companies. Kyulux’s director, Tsuyoshi Sakamoto, also participated in the event.