Nagoya University awarded Prof. Chihaya Adachi with its prestigious silver Organic Chemistry Medal

On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, Nagoya University held the 24th Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry – prestigious awards that are given to selected chemists for their achievements. The gold medal is awarded to a synthetic chemist with international research achievements and the silver Medal is for a synthetic chemistry who accomplished excellent research in his field, a domestic rising star expected to have a bright future. Winners of these Nagoya Medals have been known to reach impressive achievements in their work. Kyulux is proud to announce that its very own Prof. Chihaya Adachi (Kyulux’s Co-Founder, Scientific Advisor and Ex Officio Board) was chosen as The Silver Medalist of “The 24th Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry this year.
Prof. Adachi gave a talk titled “Advanced Molecular Design in Organic Semiconductors: Towards New Generation of OLEDs and Organic Lasers”, and demonstrated Kyulux’s HyperfluorescenceTM blue panel. More on the origins of The Nagoya Medal – it was founded in 1995 by professor Nobuhiro Noyori, Professor of Research and Development Strategy Center of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Professor of Chubu University and Professor Yamamoto of emeritus professor at Nagoya University, Professor of the MSD Life Science Foundation, and supported of the Public Interest Foundation. Picture Provided (ITbM), Nagoya University