Wisechip discusses its Hyperfluoresence™ TADF PMOLED with OLED-Info

On October 2019, Taiwan’s Wisechip launched the world’s first commercial Hyperfluorescence™ OLED display – based on materials by Kyulux. Last month, Kyulux announced that it started to ship its emitter materials for Wisechip, who is starting to ship these displays to customers. Yesterday OLED-Info posted an interview with Wisechip’s VP of R&D, Dr. York Tsai. Dr. Tsai reveals that the 2.7″ 128×64 TADF PMOLED is mostly aimed towards industrial products, where there is a clear need for higher brightness. The HF PMOLED offers up to 2.5 times the brightness compared to Wisechip’s fluorescence PMOLEDs. Dr. Tsai also reveals that Wisechip is planning to release more displays that utilize Kyulux’s Hyperfluorescence™ materials. You can read the full interview here.