SID DisplayWeek2018終了しました

The premier display industry event, SID DisplayWeek, is now over – and it was a great week. Kyulux had a successful booth demonstration, with a lot of interest from display companies as Hyperfluorescence emitter technology is maturing and is ready to be commercialized.
During the show, Kyulux unveiled Wisechip’s flexible HF PMOLED display, which we already posted on. This display is set to be the world’s first commercial HF display, and will hopefully enter mass production by the end of the year. Kyulux also demonstrated a smaller yellow PMOLED HF device, again produced at Wisechip. This is a 0.87-inch display with a resolution of 216×128. In the demonstration, Kyulux showed how the HF display is almost twice as bright (210 nits vs 110 nits) than Wisechip’s regular fluorescent PMOLED, using the same amount of power.
In addition to the demonstrations at our booth, Kyulux’s CEO Junji Adachi gave a talk at the DSCC business conference. The presentation was titled “Material Informatics Driven HF Development” and focused on our successful the combination of AI-based Harvard-developed software and experienced material design, synthesis and device optimization that enables us to quickly screen and develop new generations of HF emitter materials. As the results of the Material Informatics approach, our top emission green HF device achieved FWHM equal to twenty-two nanometer (22nm) and CIE of Rec. 2020 requirement with high current efficiency. Finally, Kyulux was a proud sponsor of DisplayWeek, and our logo and roll-up poster was prominently displayed to the show’s attendees, making sure the whole display industry knows that next generation emitter technology is entering the market, set to change the future of OLEDs!