Earlier this month, Kyulux participated in the online OLEDs World Summit event, and Kyulux’s CEO, Mr. Nobuyuki Nakano, was one of the key speakers in the conference. During his talk, Mr. Nakano detailed the latest status of Kyulux’s green Hyperfluorescence emitter technology. Following years of intensive R&D,  Kyulux’s green material is getting close to commercialization, having met the required performance of OLED panel makers, in terms of efficiency, lifetime and driving voltage. In fact, Kyulux’s materials have surpassed the performance of the green phosphorescent emitters in top emission devices.  The green HF device achieves higher current efficiency, longer lifetime and a better chromaticity (thanks to the narrow spectrum HF emission) than phosphorescence emitters. The company is currently preparing for early commercialization of its materials by strengthening cooperation with panel manufacturers.