Kyushu University Professor Chihaya Adachi received the Purple Ribbon Medal

Professor Adachi, a world-leading OLED researcher from Kyushu University, has received Japan’s prestigious Purple Ribbon Medal. The medal, first awarded in 1955, is given by the Emperor of Japan to individuals who have contributed to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments.

Professor Adachi, after becoming a senior professor at Kyushu University, believed in the great potential of OLED technology, and actively engaged in exploratory basic research to develop 100% internal quantum efficiency of OLED technology. Professor Adachi’s TADF technology has been published in Nature Magazine in 2012.

The Purple Ribbon Medal award recognizes the fact that these research achievements have contributed greatly to the promotion of the display industry.

Professor Adachi is one of the founders of Kyulux, which was established in 2015 to commercialize the TADF/Hyperfluorescence™ technology invented by Professor Adachi. Kyulux is conductive intensive R&D to develop and mass produce its revolutionary OLED technology.

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