Wisechip's Hyperfluorescence™ PMOLED demo kit presented at OPERA showroom

In October 2019 Wisechip launched the world’s first Hyperfluorescence™/TADF enabled PMOLED panel, a 2.7″ 128×64 220-nits yellow display. Kyulux’s CEO, Junji Adachi, presented Wisechip’s demonstration kit for this new panel to Prof. Chihaya Adachi (Professor of Kyushu University and Technical Advisor of Kyulux). The new Wisechip Hyperfluorescence™ demo kit will be on display at OPERA’s showroom (at the first floor of OPERA building).
Using Kyulux’s Hyperfluorescence™ yellow TADF emitters, Wisechip was able to create a highly bright and efficient display – it is 2.5 times brighter than the company’s previous yellow panel which is based on 1st generation fluorescence emitters. Kyulux’s material also improved the lifetime of Wisechip’s display to more than 50,000 hours.