August 2018
Tue 21st

Kyulux and i3-OPERA collaborate to demonstrate a TADF-Fluorescence white OLED display at the 3rd International TADF Workshop

Kyulux demonstrated a white OLED display that uses an orange TADF emitter combined with a blue fluorescence emitter. The novel display was developed in collaboration with the Fukuoka i3 center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (i3-OPERA) for demonstration at the 3rd International TADF Workshop in late July. The display was designed by i3-OPERA and […]

July 2018
Wed 25th

Kyulux concludes a successful TADF Workshop

The 3rd international TADF Workshop, organized by Kyushu University and i3-OPERA and supported by Kyulux, took place last week in Fukuoka, Japan. The workshop covered the latest TADF advances – in materials, device architecture, applications and more. Kyulux’s CEO, Junji Adachi, gave a talk titled ” Material Informatics Driven Hyperfluorescence Development: A disruptive Innovation in […]

Thu 19th

Kyulux dramatically improves the performance of its blue Hyperfluorescence OLED emitters

Today we have made an exciting announcement – Kyulux succeeded in improving the performance of its blue OLED Hyperfluorescence™ emitter. Hyperfluorescence™ materials are the fourth-generation OLED light emitting technology. The result will be announced at The 3rd International TADF Workshop to be held in Fukuoka on July 19th. Kyulux has succeeded in extending the lifetime of its […]

Tue 03rd

Kyulux chosen for METI’s Start-up Support Program J-Startup in Japan

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has launched a new initiative called the “J-Startup” program, announced on June 11, 2018, aiming to incubate internationally competitive startup companies and encourage them to provide new value to the rest of the world through their innovative technologies and business models. As part of this program, METI […]

June 2018
Mon 04th

Kyulux concludes a successful SID DisplayWeek

The premier display industry event, SID DisplayWeek, is now over – and it was a great week. Kyulux had a successful booth demonstration, with a lot of interest from display companies as Hyperfluorescence emitter technology is maturing and is ready to be commercialized. During the show, Kyulux unveiled Wisechip’s flexible HF PMOLED display, which we […]

May 2018
Wed 30th

Kyulux and Wisechip unveiled a flexible HF PMOLED display

Last week at the SID DisplayWeek in Los Angeles, CA, Kyulux demonstrated Wisechip’s latest flexible PMOLED display – that uses Kyulux’s Hyperfluoresence yellow emitter. The power consumption of this display, compared to Wisechip’s fluorescent yellow, is almost half! The Wisechip flexible display is 42.22 mm  x 10.54 mm in size (1.71″ diagonal), with a resolution of 256×64 […]

Wed 02nd

Kyulux welcomes you to the 2018 International TADF Workshop

The 3rd International TADF Workshop will take place on July 19-20th, 2018, in Fukuoka, Japan. This scientific event will discuss the latest in TADF materials, device architectures, upconversion mechanisms and TADF applications. Other topics will include singlet fission and perovskite emitters. The event is organized by Kyushu University, i3-OPERA and Kyulux. The TADF Workshop will […]

April 2018
Thu 12th

Kyulux at the 2018 OPERA collaboration kick-off meeting

On April 9th, Kyushu University’s OPERA center held its annual collaboration group kick off meeting. The four research groups (OPERA, i3-OPERA, ISIT and Kyulux) got together and discussed the latest research and strategies going forward. There were over 100 participants in this exciting meeting, we’re looking forward to another exciting year of close collaboration with […]

March 2018
Thu 08th

Join the Kyulux team!

Kyulux is growing, and we are currently looking for three materials scientists. All three openings are for our Fukuoka office. Engineer-Device: Support the development of new OLED materials. Metrology-Device: Testing and Fabrication of OLED devices, preparation and execution of material and device experiments and characterizations. Scientist-Device: Work with synthetic chemists and computational chemists to design […]

February 2018
Wed 28th

Kyulux at nano tech 2018

Earlier this month, on February 14-16, Tokyo Big Sight hosted the nano tech 2018 exhibition and conference. This large international trade show attracted more than 44,000 visitors. Kyulux participated in nano tech 2018, as part of the OPACK (Organization for Promotion Academic city by Kyushu University) zone, which also included OPERA, i3-OPERA, ISIT, AiRIMaq and […]