Mon 08th

Kyulux updates on the lifetime of its new TADF device at OLED Korea 2019

On March 6th, Kyulux’s CEO Junji Adachi gave a talk at the OLED Korea 2019 conference, in Seoul. Junji discussed Kyulux’s latest Hyperfluorescence™ performance, especially new TADF Device for 470 nm blue Hyperfluorescence™ that achieves 100 hours of lifetime (LT95 at 750 nits) and an EQE of 22% (at 1000 nits). Junji also demonstrated a […]

Thu 04th

Kyulux is seeking a Data Scientist for its Boston office

Kyulux is looking to hire a new data scientist to join our Boston team. A job opening exists for a new talented scientist for our data engineering team to help discover new OLED materials alongside colleagues in the lab. The role involves the use of advanced statistical and data science concepts and the creation of […]

March 2019
Sun 10th

Kyulux’s OLED technology featured in the OPERA exhibition @ MEXT

On February 15th, Kyushu University opened a PR event that will be running until March 25th, introducing its new “Ito Campus” that was completed in September 2018. The PR event is being held at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), 2nd Floor Entrance, Tokyo. In this event, Kyulux displays the prototype […]

Tue 05th

Nagoya University awarded Prof. Chihaya Adachi with its prestigious silver Organic Chemistry Medal

On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, Nagoya University held the 24th Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry – prestigious awards that are given to selected chemists for their achievements. The gold medal is awarded to a synthetic chemist with international research achievements and the silver Medal is for a synthetic chemistry who accomplished excellent research in his […]

January 2019
Thu 24th

Kyulux to attend the nano tech 2019 event in Japan

Nano tech 2019 is an international conference and exhibition focused on nanotechnology, taking place in Tokyo, Japan on January 30th – February 1st. Kyulux will be exhibiting in a booth called “Organization for Promotion Academic City by Kyushu University” together with OPERA, ISIT, AiRIMaQ, OPACK and i3-OPERA. The booth will be located in East 5, […]

Sun 20th

Kyulux launches a Japanese version of its website

Kyulux is proud to present the Japanese version of its website! While Kyulux is an international company facing the entire display industry, it is also of Japanese origin with IP from Kyushu University and strong relationships with the people of Kyushu University, OPERA and OPERA-i3. The Kyulux website now expresses both these facets, with both […]

Wed 09th

Kyulux welcomes 2019 with annual kickoff meeting

On January 7, Kyulux started activities of the New Year by holding its annual kickoff meeting with invited speakers included Prof. Adachi from Kyushu University, Prof. Kaji from Kyoto University and Dr. Miyazaki of i3-OPERA. Kyulux and collaborators from the strategic partners shared the company’s policy and the business targets of this year and determined […]

Sun 06th

Kyulux is seeking new device and synthesis scientists

Kyulux is looking to hire new scientists to join our Fukuoka team. A job opening exists for a new talented synthesis scientist, who will design, synthesize and test new materials for OLED TADF/HF commercialization. The role involves R&D on TADF emitter and host materials, synthesis and reactive design of OLED materials and more. The second […]

November 2018
Thu 15th

Kyulux’s CEO, Mr. Junji Adachi, participates in the “Pitch to the Minister” event

“Pitch to the Minister”/ “HIRAI Pitch” is a government project led by Takuya HIRAI, Minister of State for the “Cool Japan” Strategy, the Intellectual Property Strategy, the Science and Technology and the Space Policy. The event was held on Saturday, November 10th in Fukuoka at Fukuoka Growth Next-Startup Cafe, and included Fukuoka startups, like Venturer […]